Entrepreneurship Training

Will provide Entrepreneurship classes for women in the United States and Cameroon, Africa, focusing on:

  • The Basics of Starting a Business
  • The 4 Major Business Entities
  • The Importance of Writing a Business Plan
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • How to Market Your Business


We will provide One-on-One Mentoring for economically underserved women and children in the United States and Cameroon, Africa.  We will focus on strengthening self-identify, positive life choices, core cultural values, as well as collective work and responsibility.  We will also teach women and children positive self-esteem and control, self worth, and self-responsibility.  The mentors will serve as the Examples.

Our Mentoring program will also include a Substance Abuse Prevention component whereby the primary focus of the program shall be to provide substance abuse education, facilitate individual and group counseling, encourage spiritual development, assist in improving education or work skills, and transition residents into affordable housing, thus closing the gap and reducing the recidivism rate.  Representatives of El Shaddai truly believe drug-dependent women can overcome the illness of addiction.  But to do so, they need help from family members, treatment providers, specific governmental agencies, and the community.

Substance Abuse Education 12 Step Program. Provide information appropriate to the Chronic Disease Model of Addiction focusing on relapse prevention and gender specific substance abuse issues, i.e., shame, guilt, grief, and the effects of addiction on the family.  The program provides practical steps implementing theoretical concepts.  Each participant is encouraged to cultivate a 12 Step network, and develop a relationship with a sponsor.

Individual Counseling and Group Counseling El Shaddai will refer women to Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, who will develop and implement of Individual Recovery Plans.  They are vital in supporting and guiding women in addressing issues concerning their recovery, developing independent living skills to become self-sufficient, and in enhancing parenting skills to be effective and nurturing parents. Counselors will alsofocus on areas such as defense mechanisms, co-dependency, sexuality, self-esteem, and empowerment.

One-on-One Personalized Assistance

El Shaddai will provide the following services once a month to women in the United States who are temporary bedridden or shut in due to medical reasons:

  • Light House Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Cooking
  • Transport to Doctor visits

Food and Clothing

El Shaddai will collect nonperishable foods and clothing and give it to the homeless, underemployed, and unemployed in the United States and Cameroon, Africa.

The Kingdom of God

The El Shaddai library in Cameroon, Africa is designed to serve the community by providing print and multimedia materials based on The Kingdom of God values and doctrines in a systematically organized collection.

The mission of the Library is to serve as a resource and reference center offering materials brought together to help enrich lives, deepen spiritual understanding, and offer spiritual nourishment and growth to individuals.

Bibles, Bible dictionaries, The Kingdom of God magazines, The Kingdom of God counseling materials, The Kingdom of God fiction books, children’s and juvenile literature based on The Kingdom of God and moral values, Videos / DVDs, CD/CD-ROMs, make up the collection.  People can listen to an audio cassette or CD-ROM, or watch a video.  The library will have computers that can be used for word processing, viewing CD-ROMS/DVDs or for browsing the Internet.